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Lackadaisical Layabouts

2007-11-15 23:23:30 by Gorobie

I have located the missing link. It dwells in a local fast-food outlet. I say "it" because I am unsure of it's gender, if it's social standing dictates the need for such a thing. In any case, I made my way into a desolate "Hungry Jacks", with a grand purpose. A Double Whopper, with cheese, to go. As I ordered this, the creature operating the register stood staring blankly as he processed this new information. After thirty seconds or so, he called over another peon to aid in his quest of pressing buttons. Another thirty seconds or so passed. At this time, yet another maladroit made their way to the register. The three of them, with their combined cognitive powers of a dead horse, managed to press the correct button. I felt like applauding the creature, I was, after all, unaware if it had the necessary digits to complete the task. With my food actually prepared, this being re-assured me that this was it's first day. After some [I]serious[/I] eyebrow action, I made my way to an eating station. The burger was surprisingly decent. Less greasy than MacDonald's, yet not as heavy as K.F.C. The fries were mediocre, but there was a lot of them. Their housing unit was of ample size. The beverage receptical was similar in proportion. This was pleasing. Worthless peons aside, it was an almost enjoyable outing. A franchise cannot be judged on one sole outing, or even one outlet, however. It is my hope to investigate this more thoroughly.


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