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Mountain Dew versus Seven-up

2007-10-02 08:52:53 by Gorobie

Yeah, and you thought I was kidding. Heheh; no. Both cost as much, at least, they do in Australia, so it's a tie in that regard. The taste, however, is unique. 7-up is a lot sweeter than Mountain Dew, and a lot heavier. Mountain Dew, while still a sweet drink, is lighter, almost like sprite, in a sense. Which is a good quality for a soda to have. One doesn't want to fill up on a soda, it's purpose is to complement the meal, not overpower it. Although, if one is having their beverage on it's own, then a heavier drink will likely be more suited, but maybe not as refreshing. In variety, Mountain Dew is the clear victor; hands down. There's currently 10 flavours of Mountain Dew, with more on the way, where as there is only three commerically available 7-up flavours. While there were more flavours of each, back in the day, they are sadly no longer being produced; and they will be sorely missed. I oft supped upon the nectar of the gods, commonly known as "Arctic Burst" and "Kyrptonite Ice". At least I am steadfast in my opinion that it is a far, far better place they go, than they have ever gone before. Again, they seem rather equal in advertising terms. While Mountain Dew tapped into the video-gaming-niche with "Gamer Fuel" (that may have given the impression that it was popular. It was not. Still, they get kudos for ingenuity.), a can of 7-up appeared in Moonraker, an impressive feat. Health-wise, however, Mountain Dew does not come out on top. It has a strangely high amount of caffeine, even for a carbonated soda, 55.2 mg per 12 oz. That's a fair amount of caffeine. 7-up, on the other hand, contains no caffeine. It makes up for it with frcutose corn syrup, but still; it's arguably healthier. So, who comes out the better? I say it's a draw. They each have an equal amount of good and bad traits, so go nuts! Purchase either, hell, purchase both, and make some sort of... super-awesome-o-soda.


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