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Coke versus Pepsi.

2007-10-01 08:44:08 by Gorobie

An age old debate; one I intend to put an end to. Regular coke, on it's own, is beaten by regular pepsi. It is more expensive, does not quench one's thirst as effectively, and tastes a little worse (but that could just be me). There are more factors at work that one has to observe, however. For example, pepsi comes in more flavours than coke. There's diet coke, diet coke plus (in Belgium, that is), C2, coke zero, cherry coke, vanilla coke and lime coke. Pepsi, on the other hand, has legions of flavours. I'd list them here, but I don't have the stamina for it, so just check that out here. In the advertising field, I'm afraid coke has pepsi beat. Whilst pepsi did have some decent slogans, such as "More bounce to the ounce" and "Twice as much for a nickel", coke popularised (to some extent) the modern image of Santa-Clause, by no means a simple feat. Neither of the beverages are paticularly healthy, but coke has a slightly higher content of fructose corn syrup than pepsi, and is a touch more acidic. Flat pepsi is bad, as is warm pepsi, but again, I'm afraid they have coke beaten. Flat coke tastes like motor-oil, and warm coke tastes like warm motor-oil. From what I've discerned, taste aside, Pepsi has one up on Coke. Next time? Mountain Dew and 7-Up.


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